Cargo Survey Control is all about making the cargo survey process more efficient, transparent and faster.

At Cargo Survey Control, we have developed  an on-line system to make the surveying process easier and more useful to your clients. Data is gathered according to the type of container, loss type and other criteria but only asking questions relevant to the survey in hand. Unlike a paper form or template, our system only asks necessary questions and leaves the irrelevant ones out, meaning that your time is used more efficiently. Survey information is available immediately on-line for your colleagues in the office and if you would like, available to your clients too.

If appropriate, your clients can view the report as it develops and as information is gathered. Although the report is subject to change and thus not 100 % reliable until ‘declared’, this does save on time consuming client queries and chasing during the survey and report building process.

We build bespoke survey reports to your specification. We make your company look smarter, better and faster than your competitors.

We have developed apps to gather survey the survey information in the field, which then interface with the internet system. The apps load their data directly into a server on the internet, from where reports can be viewed, altered and signed off.

The time saving is typically between 15 and 20 % of the traditional survey report production time. That is your increase in profitability.

The professionalism of on line bespoke reporting and the speed of delivery impresses your existing clients and attracts your new ones.