cscCargo Survey Control (CSC) is a system involving a web application and a mobile application (called Survey Smart). It aggregates survey requests from participating insurers and claims handlers and presents them to a panel of surveyors. CSC then displays the state of each of survey as it progresses through the system to the ultimate state of ‘Declared’, which is the electronic equivalent of being signed off.

Revolutionary system for claims handling

The greater speed of return and the lower cost of each survey means that claims handlers can afford to have surveys completed on claims that would usually be below the limit of being economically viable. This in turn reduces claims inflation, leakage and threshold manipulation whilst improving the chances of mitigation and providing the opportunity for salvage and recovery income.

Once you have posted your request for a survey, you will be notified of its acceptance by a surveyor. Interim reports will be constantly available on the system up until the time that the surveyor ‘Declares’ that the survey is signed off, when the final report will be available. The final survey report will be of defined structure and all the figures will be presented for you to complete the claims process.

Efficiency and cost savings for surveyors

Being on the panel of surveyors for CSC will give you access to a list of surveys that you can claim and complete, to which you would not normally have access. This will bring extra work to fill your day that you can complete highly efficiently. The surveys will be grouped by area, not in the traditional way by the requesting agent. By claiming multiple surveys in the same area or on a certain route, your overheads can be consolidated across several surveys, making the survey process more cost effective.

Each survey is completed on line using the web app or the mobile app by answering the questions presented. Photographs of the documentation and any relevant damage are uploaded via the same method culminating in a completed report. This report can then be declared (signed off) and is then available for the instructing party to use in the claims process. Your job is done and your fee is paid.

Savings drive more instruction

Although surveyors will receive a slightly reduced fee for each individual survey, the amount of time and the cost overhead required for each survey will be far lower. Completing the survey on line means that only the relevant information is gathered, as prompted by the apps. Once completed, CSC will format, present and deliver the final report using the information entered. By picking co-located surveys or nearby surveys from across the board, travelling and expense outlays will be less per survey compared to current practice.

All this adds up to the simple fact that survey fees versus time and effort will increase whereas the outlay for each survey will be lower, creating a win for both surveyors and claims handlers alike.

Why sign up?

The world around us is making savings, using technology and better access to information as a way to save costs. These efficiencies are driving costs down and reducing prices. By definition, all supporting services are under pressure to follow suit in reducing costs and surveying is no exception. It is inevitable that the future of surveying will, at least in part, move to tablet and mobile applications as a way to make surveying cost effective.

Not all insurers are comfortable with technology or with new practices. Not all surveyors are comfortable with the simpler information gathering and reporting process offered by technology. We anticipate that the efficiency improvements offered by CSC will be used to bring currently uneconomical survey work back to the market and it is our hope that those shy of new practices will quickly see the benefits and will sign up alongside those who can already see the benefit.

There is no visible cost to surveyors or insurers, our fee is taken from the cost savings. The fee requested by the insurer is the fee they will pay. The fee presented to the surveyor is the fee they will receive. We can genuinely see no disadvantage to being involved, other than caution of new practices.