The CSC Web App has three main functions

  1. To allow users to post survey request and view progress of surveys.
  2. To allow surveyors to claim survey work from the list of posted survey requests.
  3. To complete a survey on-line

The first applies to insurers and claims handlers and is the process whereby work is introduced to the system. The second applies to surveyors and is the process whereby work is accepted from the system. The third applies to surveyors and is the method by which completed surveys are reported into the system.

Views of the system

Confidentiality of data means that insurers and surveyors have different views of the system.

Insurers will see:

  1. Survey requests posted by their own company
  2. Their company’s surveys progressing through the system

Surveyors will see:

  1. All survey requests posted to the surveys board
  2. All  of their company’s surveys in each state of progression.