Happy New Year !

We send our belated but genuine best wishes for 2016 !

2015 was a good year for Cargo Claims Control. Input from a number of different parties led us to conclude that we should further refine our survey app which will now produce excellent reports from tablet or mobile ‘in the field’. This substantial time and cost saving is available to surveyors and/or their clients. This results in increased profitability for all parties.

The time and cost saving allows surveys to be economically viable at far lower claim values than was previously possible. Insurers therefore still benefit from mitigation and recovery prospect at these lower claim levels.

Geographical grouping of surveys further reduces costs benefiting surveyors and insurers alike.

The response to our use of new technology to save time and cost and to increase efficiency in a fairly traditional market has been excellent.

We hope to be seeing more potential partners and clients this year.

Last year saw us visit Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland all of which proved positive, interesting and enjoyable !

We hope to see you all this year !


Happy New Year

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