Pilot Success and update – the figures


stagesapp_pic1Cargo Survey Control six month pilot has been successfully completed. Whilst confident of success no-one could really totally predict how successful the pilot would be.

Our aim to bring benefit to insurers by offering cost effective cargo survey below certain non survey thresholds ( visible or invisible ) was completely achieved. Claim reduction, salvage sale and increased recovery potential, all as a result of survey, vastly outweighed survey costs. The returns on a limited investment in survey fees were huge ( 870 % to be precise ! ).

The overall effect of survey reduced claims paid by 22.65 % ( when including salvage and recovery prospects ).

100 % of posted surveys were taken up by our surveyors. We are hugely grateful for their co-operation and support.

With proven, quantifiable and significant benefits now obvious, we hope to attract increased volumes of survey work from astute and forward thinking insurers. This will bring the further benefit of geographical grouping and cost saving.

The survey app, which is available on Iphone or android devices is being improved constantly to allow surveyors to conduct surveys efficiently on line.

We are very keen to attract interest from cargo insurers, brokers and TPA’s in order to increase volumes and resultant benefits.

The consequential benefits to surveyors, recovery agents and salvage sellers have also been widely acknowledged.

Please contact :

Andrew James     andrew@cargoclaimscontrol.com   07909991275

Steve James    steve@cargoclaimscontrol.com    07917023987

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