The concept of Cargo Survey Control has received widespread support from insurers and surveyors alike as a form of mutually beneficial co-operation.
It is true to say that we have been very flattered by the support and praise for the idea, the system, the app and the survey.

We have firm interest from 3 major insurers and are intending to run a pilot imminently.stages

We have sent usernames and passwords to those who have shown some interest in order that they can look at the system and some ‘dummy’ information and surveys.

Logging in, you will be able to enter your survey instructions. When they are progressed by a surveyor, see your reports progress from  pending , through  current, awaiting  and finally see your signed off,  declared  surveys.

reportAll the way through, see the report as it develops.

If you are interested then drop us a line and we will give you a username and password and you can have a stroll around the system.

No obligation, no commitment necessary.




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