Screen shots for insurers

This is the form that you use to post your survey for selection by our panel….

Post you survey

Click on the image to enlarge……but press the ‘BACK’ button to return !!

Your survey request is then posted to be grouped geographically with others and selected for survey. Geographical grouping reduces transport costs.






Our panel of surveyors are able to view, reserve, claim or relinquish available surveys to conduct cost effectively….

Surveys board

Using our survey app and a carefully constructed on line survey reporting system, your report is constructed quickly, precisely, cost effectively and consistently for viewing on line. It can be viewed and edited prior to declaration. Once declared it cannot be changed……

Screenshot_CSC_checkedout         survey screen shot 1      Survey screen shot 2

Survey screen shot 3         Survey Screen shot 4

Survey Screen shot 5         Survey Screen shot 6

Survey Screen shot 7         Survey Screen shot 8

Survey Screen shot 9         Survey Screen shot 10

Survey Screen shot 11         Survey Screen Shot 12

Survey Screen shot 13         Survey Screen Shot 14

Survey Screen shot 15        Survey Screen Shot 16

Survey Screen Shot 17                      Survey Summary 1       survey summary part 2


Your completed and declared report is available on line at a cost effective price, allowing prompt and proper settlement and efficient and effective recovery action !

secure web browser .

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